EC-Council Teams Up with Green Circle to Support Cybersecurity Career Starters in Jordan with the C|CT Scholarship

EC-Council, the global cybersecurity training certification body, has joined forces with Jordanian cybersecurity solutions and training company Green Circle to offer the C|CT scholarship to cybersecurity career starters in the region.

Jordan (April 25, 2023): EC-Council, the creator of industry-leading certifications such as the Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH), Certified Network Defender (C|ND), Certified Cloud Security Professional (C|CSE), and more, has collaborated with Green Circle to help deserving candidates in Jordan kickstart their cybersecurity careers with the Certified Cybersecurity Technician (C|CT) scholarship. This partnership aims to further the mission of Green Circle’s (GRCICO) “Cyber Zero to Hero” (CZ2HP) campaign by helping aspiring cybersecurity professionals in Jordan build entry-level cybersecurity skills by leveraging the scholarship.

The C|CT scholarship program by EC-Council pledges a $3.5 million fund to train and develop aspiring cybersecurity professionals with foundation skills essential to pursue beginner-level careers in cybersecurity. This scholarship is a full-tuition certification program provided to high-school students, university students, and working professionals, helping them to become EC-Council’s accredited Certified Cybersecurity Technicians.

Established in 2017, GRCICO supports the creation of market-relevant jobs and improves the potential of IT graduates and candidates to land entry-level cybersecurity jobs through on-the-job apprenticeships and real-life competitions awards. GRCICO’s partnership with EC-Council as a part of its CZ2HP campaign paves the way for securing Jordan’s digital future by building a strong cybersecurity workforce with the right technical expertise to take on beginner-level cybersecurity careers.

According to the CFYE Jordan 2021 Scoping Report survey of focus group discussions (FGDs), Jordanian youth residing in areas of Karak, South Shuneh, Amman, Zarqa, Madaba, and Ajloun, showed a keen interest in upskilling opportunities. They shared that university degrees did not help them get jobs and resorted to various skill-building training and certification programs to enhance their employability.

Launching initiatives to help students build their careers, Green Circle’s efforts in making the C|CT scholarship accessible to Jordanian students is an exemplary step in helping learners to gain technical cybersecurity skills and break into this booming field.

“Our collaboration is a step ahead to fight Jordan’s youth unemployment rate by making students gain job-ready skills that are in demand,” said Mr. Mohammad Al Khudari, CEO of Green Circle. “Considering the evolving threat landscape, cybersecurity skills are only expected to grow in demand. The C|CT scholarship will provide Jordan’s youth a steady platform to acquire industry-relevant skills in cyber attack remediation and mitigation,” he added.

Commenting on the scholarship, Jay Bavisi, President and CEO of EC-Council, said, “The C|CT scholarship program envisions addressing the escalating crisis of the global cybersecurity talent drought. The only baseline training program to train through 85 hands-on labs, our C|CT training program equips students with practical skills in various cybersecurity domains such as network defense, ethical hacking, digital forensics, and security operations.” He added, “While the complete eradication of cyber attacks is impossible, this collaboration will help Jordan build skilled cybersecurity professionals capable of limiting the impacts of cyber attacks on businesses.”

The increasing complexity of the cyber landscape and the persistent cybersecurity skill gap contributed to the growth of Jordan’s cybersecurity market, furthering a strong demand for qualified resources. Moreover, with the government of Jordan taking steps to increase the country’s cybersecurity capacity, the industry projects a lucrative career choice for career starters. As reported by Statista, the cybersecurity market in Jordan is anticipated to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.73 percent between 2023 and 2028, resulting in a market volume of 76.12 million USD by 2028.

GRCICO’s partnership with EC-Council will strengthen the security frontiers of Jordan and open doors to new career opportunities for aspiring professionals in domains like information security, cloud security, and more. The CZ2HP campaign by Green Circle aims to graduate 2,000 experts in cybersecurity in two years. By joining with EC-Council, it is one step ahead in achieving its goal of bridging the significant skill gap in cybersecurity and the high unemployment rate among youth in Jordan.

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About Green Circle

Green Circle is a Jordanian cybersecurity company operating with the mission to help organizations and businesses defend themselves against cyber crime and reduce their risk in the connected world by providing the most efficient ways to detect and stop cyber attacks. Green Circle envisions being an acknowledged global leader in cybersecurity by delivering outstanding integrated solutions and services to its customers.

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