EC-Council and Writer Information Collaborate to Create a Job-Ready Cybersecurity Workforce in UAE 

EC-Council, the global cybersecurity certification leader, collaborates with Asia’s fastest-growing information management company, Writer Information, to drive cybersecurity workforce development in the UAE by training aspiring professionals with its highly accredited training programs such as C|EH, C|ND, C|CSE and more.

Dubai, UAE (Oct 10, 2023): EC-Council furthers its mission of building a cyber-safe world by partnering with Writer Information to assist aspiring cybersecurity professionals in the UAE in advancing their careers. As cybersecurity is an extensive field, it’s important for those seeking to build a career to identify their areas of interest and map out their ideal career paths. This partnership aims to aid candidates in building competence across wide-ranging domains of cybersecurity, including cloud security, digital forensics, network security, incident response, etc. Using widely-recognized and comprehensive cybersecurity certifications such as the Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH), Certified Network Defender (C|ND), Certified Cybersecurity Technician (C|CT), and Certified Cloud Security Engineer (C|CSE), candidates will be able to specialize and acquire market-relevant skills.

With modern cyber attacks exacerbating the UAE’s threat landscape, implementing measures to bolster its cyber defense capabilities becomes increasingly important. The WEF Global Risks Report 2022 mentions that the UAE, along with other highly digitalized economies, identified cybersecurity failure as a top-five concern that has worsened since the onset of the COVID-19 crisis. While complexity in data privacy regulation is a factor, the undersupply of trained cyber professionals is an identified cause too.

By joining forces with Writer Information, Asias’s fastest-growing information management company, EC-Council takes a solid step in producing an empowered workforce in the UAE, equipped with cutting-edge cybersecurity skills that are on par with the latest industry requirements. This initiative will not only foster skill development but also contribute to improving the cybersecurity posture in the region.

Jay Bavisi, President and CEO of the EC-Council Group, commented on the partnership. “With complex cyber attacks introducing new challenges, cybersecurity grows in relevance and offers huge potential for high-paying jobs to skilled candidates. Our partnership with Writer Information aims to extend the necessary support for skill development, encouraging interested candidates in the UAE to pursue a career in this rapidly evolving domain. Aspiring professionals will better understand the progression routes in this domain and leverage our training to build skills that improve their employability.”

While the UAE government continues to pioneer several initiatives to strengthen the region’s cyber resilience, no single technology can guarantee absolute security. The catastrophic effects of cyber attacks can only be mitigated by building a culture of preparedness and resilience. The partnership between EC-Council and Writer Information is a concrete step in fostering cybersecurity awareness and building a skilled workforce capable of strengthening the country’s defenses against innovative cyber attacks.

About EC-Council

EC-Council invented the Certified Ethical Hacker. Founded in 2001 in response to 9/11, EC-Council’s mission is to provide the training and certifications apprentice and experienced cybersecurity professionals need to keep corporations, government agencies and others who employ them safe from attack.

Best known for its Certified Ethical Hacker program, EC-Council today offers 200 different trainings, certificates, and degrees in everything from Computer Forensic Investigation and Security Analysis to Threat Intelligence and Information Security. An ISO/IEC 17024 Accredited Organization recognized under the US Defense Department Directive 8140/8570 and many other authoritative cybersecurity bodies worldwide, the company has certified over 350,000 professionals across the globe. Trusted by seven of the Fortune 10, half of the Fortune 100, and the intelligence communities of 140 nations, EC-Council is the gold standard in cybersecurity education and certification.

A truly global organization with a driving belief in bringing diversity, equity and inclusion to the modern cybersecurity workforce, EC-Council maintains 11 offices in the US, the UK, India, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. The company can be reached online at

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About Writer Information

Writer Information Management Services is a business division of Writer Corporation that has existed since 1987. Writer Information is a value chain provider that helps businesses achieve tangible outcomes. It is Asia’s fastest-growing information management company with its range of services, including business process services, secure storage services, cloud and data services, and digital solutions. Writer Information adds value by providing transformational solutions to businesses, enabling them to expedite their digital transformation journeys. Reach the company at

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