Hackers from South Asia Dominate EC-Council’s Global Ethical Hacker Leaderboard in September 2021

Tampa, FL, October 27th, 2021: EC-Council’s Ethical Hacking Leaderboard for September was dominated by competitors from South Asia. Participants in the 6-hour-long competition are C|EH Master candidates competing for the number one spot. The race to determine the highest-performing C|EH Master draws candidates from all over the world to a competition that gives them a chance to prove their skills and earn a coveted ranking that can help further their careers.[su_spacer size=”10″ class=””] EC-Council promotes the top 10 C|EH Master candidates every month, when the students receive their C|EH Master certification. The rigor and skill required to reach this level are clear: Before candidates can qualify for the program, they must first earn the C|EH and C|EH Practical certifications. The training and certification provider’s Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) program has long been recognized as a benchmark of achievement for cybersecurity practitioners, bolstering businesses’ efforts to combat cybercrime. It has succeeded in changing the perception of ethical hacking from being a niche role to one that is open to everyone interested in pursuing a career in cybersecurity.[su_spacer size=”10″ class=””]

The Leaderboard standings for September 2021 display a diverse presence of ethical hackers from North America and Asia. The top position is currently held by Luigi Polidorio from Brazil.  

Polidorio, who currently works with Softwall as the Red Team Leader, topped the leaderboard with a total score of 89%, which includes an impressive 95% on C|EH Practical. He says, “Traffic analysis was my favorite part of the C|EH Practical course because it was so realistic and included real-life circumstances. I frequently utilize most of the skills I learned in C|EH, such as network scanning, cryptoanalysis to crack hashes, and traffic analysis to detect malware.”  

The other top scorers come from diverse backgrounds and include cybersecurity professionals from South Asia, South America, the Middle East, and the U.S.    

Today, ethical hacking is a viable career choice for anyone driven enough to take the challenge. Almost anyone can transition into a successful ethical hacking career, regardless of their professional background or location through rigorous, live, online training offered via the Certified Ethical Hacker program. The flexible, hands-on learning environment created by EC-Council, a leading global information security certification body and a pioneer in ethical hacking certification, has enabled IT professionals to seamlessly transition into cybersecurity roles. A variety of learning options helps students learn Ethical Hacking according to their schedule and convenience.  

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