EC-Council and Saiber Innovation Technologies, UAE Join Forces

Dubai UAE, 1st September 2021 – The upsurge in the hybrid work culture augments the need for critical infrastructure and resource availability. Consequentially, security knowledge becomes a concern for firms with end-users handling and accessing sensitive information. In response to this, EC-Council and Saiber Innovation Technologies team up to raise cybersecurity awareness in the Middle East by assisting businesses to carry out the overreaching theme of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, “Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart”. This partnership will be a comprehensive effort to prevent cyberattacks by helping cybersecurity professionals become more cybersecure and aiding organizations to mitigate digital threats.

As an EC-Council MSSP PartnerSaiber Innovation Technologies is committed to creating specialized industry solutions for businesses to mitigate and manage network devices and systems’ security flaws, including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, intrusion prevention systems, antivirus software, virtual private networks, and more. Through this partnership, Saiber Innovation Technologies will provide anti-phishing solutions to mitigate social engineering attacks, phishing solutions with ready-to-use training modules, and preventive controls to ensure organizations and individuals are safe from cyberattacks.

“Several organizations approached us with collaboration offers given our unique area of focus. After reviewing many offerings, the invite from EC-Council was also given due consideration. We found that they were an ideal alliance for us. Beginning our collaboration with them has been very smooth and professional. We look forward to the many upcoming years of mutually satisfying collaboration with them.” says Pradeep Luthria, Executive Director, Saiber Innovation Technologies.

Commenting on the partnership, Jay Bavisi, President & CEO of the EC-Council Group, said, “We are excited to be collaborating with Saiber Innovation Technologies. This association will create an inclusive environment to develop advanced cybersecurity talent in the region. Companies need to be prepared for any possibility and improve their security posture in order to strengthen their technological infrastructure and we hope that with this partnership, we will contribute to building better capability in the space of cybersecurity”

Along with utilizing tools and techniques to enhance and maintain digital security, training the workforce to be vigilant regarding digital threats is essential. Therefore, organizations should enforce employee training to raise awareness about cyberattacks and their after-effects, defend against cyber incidents and handle the incident with minimal damage.

About Saiber Innovation Technologies

Dubai-based Saiber Innovation Technologies, which was formed in mid-2019, focuses on providing technology solutions and consulting to the Ports and Maritime sector. Aiding clients to become cyber-secure and resilient is also one of their core services. Within 6 months of incorporation, Saiber, along with their marine services alliance partner Constellation Marine Services, were awarded the “Cybersecurity Services Startup of the year” by OJME, an event platform devoted to the offshore energy community. A key distinguishing factor for us is that we carry strong domain knowledge of both Information as well as Operational technologies in context of the sectors we serve. There are significant differences when it comes to understanding and mitigating cyber risks for operational technologies, when compared to generic information technology. For more details visit write to [email protected] / [email protected]

About EC-Council

EC-Council’s sole purpose is to build and refine the cybersecurity profession globally. They help organizations, educators, and governments as well as individuals to address global workforce problems by developing and curating world-class cybersecurity education programs and certifications while also providing cybersecurity services to some of the largest businesses around the world. Trusted by seven of the Fortune 10; 47 of the Fortune 100; the Department of Defense; Intelligence Community; NATO; and over 2,000 of the best universities, colleges, and training companies. Their programs have made their way to 140 Countries and have set the bar in cybersecurity education. 

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