The Creator and official certification body of the Certified Ethical Hacker course, the basic building block of cyber security training.

  • Provides an in-depth understanding of ethical hacking phases, various attack vectors, and preventative countermeasures, including the cyber kill chain
  • Teaches how hackers think and act
  • Provides understanding of system weaknesses and vulnerabilities
  • Training with a hands-on environment and systematic process across each ethical hacking domain and methodology
  • A must for all cyber security personnel—basic training

EC-Council (ECC) is the world’s leading cyber attack defense firm featuring systems, certification, training and consulting industry leading programs.

ECC’s systems, programs and training upgrades your cyber defense capabilities and personnel in tandem, while lowering your cyber security costs, featuring new, breakthrough technology

  • World’s largest tactical Cyber Security Training and Certification body with 500,000 cyber security personnel trained and 238,000 certified
  • partner on-site training locations in 148 countries and/or online through our accredited university
  • NSA, DOD, NICE, ANSI and ACE certified
  • Clients include, the Pentagon, White House, US Army, US Navy, DoD, FBI, Microsoft, IBM and the United Nations
  • 100 of the US Fortune 500 companies

EC-Council has established an industry leading cybersecurity ecosystem

Service reach extends to trained individuals who are employed at over 100 of the Fortune 500.

Aerospace & Defense

5 of the Top 10


4 of the Top 10

Financial Institutions

5 of the Top 10


5 of the Top 10


8 of the Top 10


6 of the Top 10

Typical Cyber Security Concerns and EC-Council Tactical Solutions.

Problem: How do you identify skill gaps, or capabilities on your team today?

Solution: Performance Based – Job role/skill assessments.

ECC Division: CyberQ

Problem: High Turnover in top level cyber staff and/or wrong hires

Solution: Cognitive assessments to match natural born abilities with high performance characteristics.

Division: CyberQ Aptitude

Problem: Staff knowledge and ability is inconsistent, or there is clear room for improvement

Solution: Training, Certification, and workforce baselining

Division: EC-Council Training, Certification, Academia, ECU

Problem: My staff wastes time researching individual skills and techniques training for on-the-job requirements

Solution: Provide fully curated, high quality, on-demand Just-in-time learning solutions

ECC Division: CodeRed

Problem: Lack of or expensive security awareness testing and training program for employees

Solution: Provide access to cloud-based, simple to deploy phishing, vishing, smishing, and awareness employee engagement platform.

Division: Aware

The Single Program Solution

CyberQ Studio is an on-demand, cloud based portal delivering hands on training, war gaming and complex cyber exercises

Option to create your own, cyber war game content that closely matches current challenges (train like you fight—fight like you train)

Data analytics driven individual and team assessments identify weaknesses as a basis for follow up, customized training

Dramatically reduces cost and complexity of hands on, range-based training at less than 1/3 of the cost of the cyber range industry average.

Contains a powerful existing employee
and pre-employment assessment—CyberQ Aptitude.

CyberQ Aptitude is a test battery that measures an individual’s natural born abilities and helps to align the right cognitive profile to the Job (vectoring).

Aptitude’s goal is to find cyber cognitive potential as early as possible, before hiring.

CyberQ Aptitude measures the psychological capacity in the following areas:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Deliberate Action
  • Real-Time Action
  • Proactive Thinking
  • Reactive Thinking


  • ROI – Better return on investment in New Hires as well as training investments
  • Candidate/Employee Cognitive Fit – Results in higher work performance
  • Retention – Through high performance and job satisfaction after cognitive alignment
  • Build your team and bench with the right people
  • CyberQ Aptitude is included in Enterprise CyberQ Studio

EC-Council Global Training Footprint

Certified Members

Education Partners

Certified Instructors

Tools & Technologies

Content Experts


We offer a wide array of company training programs
to address personnel areas of weakness

EC-Council University
Fully accredited, individually customized programs, online, molded to each employee’s schedule – work/study without leave.

Online video training with over 200 video classes and 6000 training videos, customized training as needed – lowest cost.

Security awareness assessment and training for all company employees – phishing, smishing, vishing, etc – on a single platform, online or mobile.

Note: Two months of companywide Aware training is included in CyberQ Studio at no extra cost.

CyberQ Cost & Value

Cyber Range Industry Annual Average Cost:


Cyber Q Studio:


Cyber Q Classic:


CyberQ Studio


CyberQ Studio Range, Secure Platform
Two, three-hour training session on use
You may add your own content and operate cyber wargames yourself
20 hours of consulting to assist in setting up your first cyber range game
15,000 tokens for access (one hour platform use per token)
33 Aptitude assessments (existing or “to be hired” staff)
2 months, company wide, free Aware training
CyberQ Classic


Contains 340 different, pre-programmed, network attack scenarios
5000 tokens (one hour platform use per token)
57 Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and Certified Network Defender (CND) courses (basic Cyber Security courses) or equivalent courses
33 Aptitude assessments (existing or “to be hired” staff)
2 months, company wide, free Aware training

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