EC-Council (ECC) is the world’s leading organization that offers cybersecurity certification, education, training programs, and solutions to enterprises, government entities, and individuals.
Our mission is to create cybersecurity leaders globally that have all the requisite talent and skills to perform at optimum levels and secure the cyber world at national, corporate, and individual levels.

World’s largest tactical Cyber Security Training

EC-Council (ECC) is the world’s leading cyber attack defense firm featuring systems, certification,
training and consulting industry leading programs.
CC’s systems, programs and training upgrades your cyber defense capabilities and personnel in tandem, while lowering your cyber security costs, featuring new, breakthrough technology

World’s largest tactical Cyber Security Training and Certification body with 500,000 cyber security personnel trained and 380,000 certified

partner on-site training locations in 148 countries and/or online through our accredited university
Clients include, the Pentagon, White House, US Army, US Navy, DoD, FBI, Microsoft, IBM and the United Nations
100 of the US Fortune 500 companies
NSA, DOD, NICE, ANSI and ACE certified

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Build a Cybersecurity Learning Culture

EC-Council Learning is your one-stop for accredited cybersecurity credentials and skills that your workforce needs.

Close skill gaps in your IT teams with custom curriculum mapping, accredited cybersecurity credentials that build a superior workforce, dedicated course development that targets your organization’s needs, and deep analytics that always put you in the driving seat of your team’s training.

Your team’s needs are at the heart of every offering we provide so you can see relevant results, fast.

Why Enable Cybersecurity Learning on the Go

How Can We Help You

Customized Learning Solutions
Our customer success managers will assess the skills gaps in your teams and propose the cybersecurity credentials and learning solutions that address those gaps.
Result-driven Learning with Assessments
Assessments and quizzes are part of our core learning experience. Measure how your teams are progressing through the courses. All final assessment scores are reported in your dashboard.
Seamless and Scalable Platform
Manage user permissions for hundreds of users and assign training programs for each target group and department. Use bulk actions like adding users, assigning courses, and more.
Virtual Labs and Hands-on Practice
Help your team build skills hands-on. Labs are now included in over 50 courses on CodeRed.
Interactive Dashboard for Continuous Progress
From big-picture reports like average time spent on courses and average completion rates to In-depth data by departments, teams and learning paths, you’ll have It all!
End-to-End Support
Our customer support team ensures that your queries are answered, and issues rectified at the earliest. Also, get access to a dedicated success manager and course discussions on premium plans.

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