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At EC-Council, we believe that we have a responsibility to ensure that learners and the business community continue to thrive remotely. EC-COUNCIL FREE RESOURCE PASS is our way of assuring you that we’re with you as we combat the effects of the COVID-19 situation, together. For now, keep learning, keep working, stay positive and definitely stay indoors.

Refer to our free content-rich resources for the information security community in the form of webinars, blogs, online video training, and much more. We hope you’ll find these resources instrumental in understanding the latest in cybersecurity research and technology. This repository of free cybersecurity resources is available to help support awareness and growth across a wide range of cybersecurity domains.

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Message from CEO and President

EC-Council Announces free Cyber Training and Education Support Services Amid COVID-19

For almost 20 years, EC-Council has proudly maintained core values that focus on putting students, instructors, partners, and community first. As your cyber security partner in the industry, we would like to offer extended support to reduce your stress in any way we can. We recognize the cyber community has a very important role to play during this crisis. While we battle the pandemic, we must also do everything within our control to empower others and ensure that organizations do not take cyber security lightly which could lead to threat actors causing more harm. There have already been headlines about healthcare organizations being hit with DDOS attacks and malware, showing that cybercriminals are taking advantage of the chaos and are continuing to exploit vulnerabilities wherever they can. Cybersecurity is more important than ever, espeically now that so many workforces are suddenly working remotely for the first time. Remote work opens up risks to the organization that cybercriminals will not hesitate to take advantage of.

We must never let things we cannot control prevent usfrom doing what is within our control!

In this period of social distancing, continuing to learn is going to be the best way to stay engaged in your industry and to keep your career on track. We should use this down time to empower each other with cyber skills to maintain the integrity and security of our organizations during this time. In support of this mission, we are offering the following benefits to our community at no cost. EC-Council is committed to helping the cybersecurity community maintain strong security during this time of uncertainty.

Enhanced Delivery

All in-person EC-Council classes will now be exclusively delivered via our online platform. We already operate a robust online learning division with both online live and online on-demand options. Moving to online learning methods will allow users to continue learning amid the COVID-19 shutdowns across the globe.

Each of these benefits will be implemented effective immediately through the end of June 2020. For all questions, comments, or changes in response to COVID-19, please contact an EC-Council representative or authorized partner in your region for direct support.

All the best,

Jay Bavisi,
Group President and CEO