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About EC-Council Germany

Germany is one of the nations which has a high spending on research and development activities and has to its credit being the home of several notable scientists who gave the world breakthrough technologies in physics, chemistry, medicine and others. Cyber-crime in Germany took new turn when the network of German Parliament “Bundestag” was breached in May 2016. In the particular case, the perpetrators had complete administrator rights of the security infrastructure. This incident explains the incidence and the criticality of cyber security at the moment. With more and more devices getting connected to Internet, it is important to be aware about securing the device and personal information on the device.

About EC-Council

EC-Council (International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants) is the world leader in IT Security Courses – Information Security, Network Security, Computer Security and Internet Security Certification and Training. EC-Council’s flagship course Certified Ethical Hacker, CEH set the standard for what the world has come to expect from ethical hacking IT Security courses. EC-Council delivers its Certified Ethical Hacker, CEH ethical hacking IT Security courses via its channel of over 750 training locations in over 104 countries and is the undisputed world leader in Information Security, Network Security, Computer Security and Internet Security training and courses. The Information Security community has grown to see EC-Council as its most trusted source for vendor neutral Information Security training. As the world leader in ethical hacking and Information Security training and certification, EC-Council offers information security courses and certifications in all of the major information security disciplines including Ethical Hacking,Computer Security, Network Security, Application Security, Internet Security, Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, Computer Forensics, Intrusion Detection, Network Security Essentials and Security Fundamentals security courses. For those Information Security Professionals who are concerned with practical, hands on experience, EC-Council’s security courses are designed with an over 80% hands on element, so you will learn the latest tools that are deployed by professional vulnerability assessment/ pen testers.