“Hack the Hackers Night” in Macedonia

Phase 1: Organizing the event

01 March 2011, Semos Education started preparations for joining the global campaign for promotion of CEH v.7 training. We have decided to organize open day for all our interested clients. Our intention was to distribute invitation mailer to the prospects. In order to do so, we have designed that mailer and linked it with appropriate form on our web site, where all the interested parts can apply for attendance. During the following 24 hours, we had 90 applicants.

As we realized that this open day could not be organized at our premises due to the lack of available space where we can accommodate that many participants, we have decided to look for an alternative. The cooperation with European Universities could not happen in time that is more appropriate. They have lecture hall that can accommodate 132 people. It was also a great opportunity to promote the student discount among their students so they can have the 60% discount on the training.
By 25th of March, we had organized presentations, premises, sponsors, awards, brochures, refreshments, surveys, hostesses, etc…

Phase 2: The Event
01 April 2011

Our partners on this event were EC- Council and European University.
This event took place at European University lecture hall. The premises were ultra modern with. That was the right place to organize such an event as it is among the most popular Universities in Macedonia and their curriculum is up to date. The University is situated in the center of Skopje.
Thanks to our sponsors: Semos, Semos Multimedia and Prilep Brewery we were able to give presents to the participants such as white hats, which were courtesy of Semos, Macedonica encyclopedia CD’s from Semos Multimedia and refreshments from Prilep Brewery.

Prior to the event, we went to the premises to set up the necessities. We had to prepare and try the presentations once again, to adjust the audio settings, projectors, set up the banners, tables, and give away bags. By 10:30 attendants started coming and registration begin. Until 11:00 Valentina Taseva, Marcell Foti and Mane Piperevski were giving interviews for TV stations and newspapers.

According to the Agenda, the event started at 11:00. Every participant got a bag with CEH brochures, other Semos Education brochures, Agenda, Survey form, and Registration Form.


Everything went according to the plan. The participants were very satisfied with the timing as we have managed to stay in the projected time frame.

Two vouchers for the CEH v.7 were awarded to:

  1. Aco Blazeski – IT manager in Macedonian Telecom
  2. Slobodan Karajovanovik – State Statistical Office

We have announce that one of the participants on the CEH v7 till September 2011, will receive Hacker Halted 2011 ticket free of charge.
10 of the participants won white hats with printed logo and name of the event
3 of the participants won multimedia encyclopedia Macedonica CD’s

Phase 3: Summary

108 participants, most of which were IT managers in Macedonian biggest Banks, Government Institutions as Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Telecoms, Biggest Companies etc, attended this event.
As attached on this Report is List of Participants.

The results of the survey are as it follows.

Q1: Are you satisfied with the organization of this event?
100% of the respondents answered YES

Q2: Would you consider attending Ethical Hacking Training?
72% of the respondents answered YES

27% of the respondents answered PERHAPS
1% of the respondents answered NO

Q3: Would you consider recommending Ethical Hacking Training to others?
80% of the respondents answered YES
20% of the respondents answered PERHAPS

Q4: How would you grade the presentation of Nikola Nikolovski with grade of 1-5 where 5 is the best?
The average grade is 4,57

Q4: How would you grade the presentation of Mane Piperevski with grade of 1-5 where 5 is the best?
The average grade is 4,57

Q4: How would you grade the presentation of Gjoko Krstic with grade of 1-5 where 5 is the best?
The average grade is 4,00

Q4: How would you grade the presentation of Marcell Foti with grade of 1-5 where 5 is the best?
The average grade is 4,87

Q4: How would you grade the presentation of Csaba Barta with grade of 1-5 where 5 is the best?
The average grade is 4,94

Press Clipping – printed media and web – For the period of 01.04.2011 – 05.04.2011

Our other partner on this event was Market Vision. They were managing the PR activities particularly for this event. Thanks to them, we had the best 5 TV Stations (Kanal 5, Sitel, Alfa, Nasa TV, AB TV) on this event. As some of the journalists from printed media were on the spot, Market Vision has still managed to distribute the press release to 6 newspapers. The video clipping will be attached to this report on Friday 8th of April.

1. Kanal 5

“Hackers are attacking: Money is not safe in banks or under the pillow “
Friday, 01 April2011

2. Nova Makedonija

“Promotion of the latest program for ethical hacking”
“The latest technologies for protection of IT Systems will be studied in Semos Education”

Saturday-Sunday, 02-03 April 2011


At European University Semos held a presentation on Ethical Hacking
“Not all the hackers are bad boys”

Saturday-Sunday, 02-03 April 2011

4. Biznis
Semos Education
“The latest program for Ethical Hacking promoted”

Monday, 04 April 2011

5. Kapital daily
“The latest techniques for protection of IT systems in Semos Education”
Monday, 04 April 2011

6. Dnevnik
“Training for latest antihacking techniques “
Tuesday, 05 April 2011

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