Member Name Country Designation Company/Organization
Adarsh S V Nair India Head of Information Security UST Global Inc.
Adithya Naresh India Cyber Security Consultant SAP Labs India
Arthur Donkers Netherlands Security Officer SSO Noord
Belly Rachdianto Indonesia Senior IT Security Consultant and Trainer APAC System Integration
Cristian-George Mocanu Romania Senior Consultant Cyber Security
and Penetration Testing
Daniel Sewell USA Lead Cybersecurity Engineer Alpine Security, LLC
Derek Maxey USA Senior Staff Software Engineer Lockheed Martin
Fabrício Giglio Brazil Senior Information Security Engineer Klarna
Hans Minten Netherland Security Analyst wehkamp
Jean Saad Lebanon Cloud Security Specialist Cirrus
Mark Horvat Australia Director & Principal Security Consultant Black Swan Group
Himanshu Mehta India Team Lead Symantec
Mustafa Mohsen Egypt Security Solution Expert Orange Business Services
Nathan Jones UK Technical Director Arcadeus OPS
Sanehdeep Singh India Manager Controlcase
Sergey Klevogin Russia Lead Instructor Bauman University
Stephen Corbiauxv Belgium Security Specialist Davinsi Labs

About L|PT (Master) Board

The EC-Council Licensed Penetration Tester (Master) Licensure Board is a member based network of volunteers that are recognized by EC-Council and the society as key leaders in the field of information security. They are carefully selected from the industry and are committed to the information security community. An invitation is extended to these individuals to be part of the L|PT (Master) Licensure Board and the selection criteria are based on the credibility and contribution to the information security community. More importantly, they remain an independent voice for the industry.

With the formation of the Board, we hope to identity changes to our present EC-Council Licensed Penetration Tester (Master) licensure criteria and procedures and to ensure that our license remains valuable and up-to-date. The L|PT (Master) Licensure Board shall hereby be responsible to advice EC-Council in the development and the maintenance of EC-Council L|PT (Master) licensing matters.

Roles and Responsibilities

The role and responsibilities of the EC-Council Licensed Penetration Tester (Master) Licensure Board members vary based on their area of expertise, the development projects at hand and the resource availability of members. Their contribution can be in many ways, some of which are stipulated below and are by no means exhaustive:
  • Contribute innovative ideas for the benefit of expanding as well as develop the L|PT (Master) licensing procedure for certified members.
  • Represent EC-Council in global events for the benefit of the security community.
  • Indulge in the sharing of best practices and assist the EC-Council management in driving global standards in providing world-class, quality licenses.
  • Contribute in technical reviews and assist EC-Council in disseminating knowledge and information pertaining to information security.
  • Mentor and advise the EC-Council management by sharing their knowledge and experience in continuous effort in upbringing the L|PT (Master) licensure standards.
  • Advocate for EC-Council activities and events sponsored or supported by EC-Council, as well as promote peer interaction and professional development.
  • Assist the management of EC-Council in designing and developing ideas for the continuity of the L|PT (Master) application procedure.