The age requirement for attending the training or attempting this exam is restricted to any candidate that is at least 18 years old.

If the candidate is under the age of 18, they are not eligible to attend the official training or eligible to attempt the certification exam unless they provide the accredited training center /EC-Council a written consent of their parent/legal guardian and a supporting letter from their institution of higher learning. Only applicants from a nationally accredited institution of higher learning shall be considered.



EC-Council reserves the right to impose additional restriction to comply with the policy. Failure to act in accordance with this clause shall render the authorized training center in violation of their agreement with EC-Council. EC-Council reserves the right to revoke the certification of any person in breach of this requirement.

About The Course

About the ProgramAbout the ExamWho Is It For?

About the Program


About the Exam

There is no exam for CNDA.

Who Is It For?

This course will significantly benefit security officers, auditors, security professionals, site administrators, and anyone who is concerned about the integrity of the network infrastructure. This course was specially designed for Government Agencies.

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1. What makes the CNDA course different from CEH?

The CNDA course has been specially designed for Government Agencies around the world. Other than the name the content is exactly the same as the CEH.

2. What is the exam code for CNDA

The exam code for CNDA is 312-99

3. Where can I take the CNDA exam?

The CNDA exam is only available through EC-Council Exam Center and VUE Testing Centers and that must be taken at an Accredited Training Center.

4. How different is the exam compared to CEH?

Except the title difference, the content of the exam is the same as the CEH exam. There is no difference other than the exam title difference. You can use CEH exam preparation guides for this exam too.

5. What certification will I be awarded after completing CNDA exam 312-99?

You will be awarded “Certified Network Defense Architect”

6. Where is the CNDA training offered?

The CNDA course is offered only to selected government agencies around the world. This course will not be offered via standard ATCs.

7. I am deciding between attending a training on CEH or CNDA. Which one should I go for?

You should take the CEH training unless you work for a government department and they approve you to take the CNDA course instead of CEH.

8. Can I obtain CNDA certification?

No. The CNDA certification is awarded only to employees who work for selected Government and Military Agencies.