Red Team Architect Training

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Train With CyberQ Skill Pack Challenges

CyberQ Skillpacks are designed to test your skills in a variety of different challenges with limited guidance. Each challenge runs independently as its own “Self-Paced Capture the Flag.” Launching a Skill Pack challenge will reserve your very own space in our CyberQ Data Center, we will raise the Attack Console, as well as the down-range vulnerable targets for you to practice and challenge your skills.


Each challenge includes a set of distinct challenge flags, in order to solve the flags you must perform a variety of procedures in the target environment including basic host discovery, service discovery, vulnerability analysis, attack procedures, privilege escalation, and more.


Please note, this is not a learning lab. Skill packs are designed intentionally with challenges, puzzles, and preconfigured targets that will test your ability to identify, analyze, exploit, and own the targets. If you are new to Cyber and have never participated in a cyber challenge or competition, Skill packs may be too advanced. So, feel free to browse our learning productsif this describes you, however, if you are ready for a challenge, enjoy solving complex puzzles and testing your limits, CyberQ challenges are a great way to hone your trade craft.

Red Team Architect Techniques Skill Pack

This Skill Pack will challenge your skills in salient techniques and scenarios equipping Red Team Architect to enhance, implement and ensure that the ISO 27000 based Security Framework is sound strategically and tactically. Person is able to promote sound Cyber Risk Management Program, penetration testing, Vulnerability management and more responsibilities.

Each challenge contains a fully designed target network with live virtual machines, servers, web hosts, and vulnerable sites and applications. Launching a challenge will open the CyberQ Console and safely connect you to our live attack environment right through your browser. Depending on the challenge, you will land in your attack machine, either Kali or Parrot, where you will have instant access to the full suite of attack tools required to carry out your challenge. Targets are preconfigured with host and application vulnerabilities which you will uncover as you progress through the challenges. CyberQ is a fully automated Cyber Range platform providing you with a self-driven Capture-the-flag experience in each challenge. 


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Gain direct hands-on practical experience on Industry’s leading Cyber Range Platform – CyberQ. Successful completion of this Red Team Architect Skill Pack will gain you Job-ready Cyber skills and execution efficiency against cyber challenges.

About Red Team Architect Skill Pack

Technology architect for the Security environment. Enhances, implements and ensures that the ISO 27000 based Security Framework is sound strategically and tactically.  Works with Enterprise and other Information Technology Architects on projects. Acts as internal consultant providing security consulting services to project teams (architectural guidance, critical technical support, etc.). 

Red Team Architect: Techniques, Primary Activities and Responsibilities Covered in the Skill Pack

  • 03 Tick icon Identify and communicate risks to Technology owners to promote a robust cyber risk management program allowing CSX to proactively triage and remediate flaws in Information Technology and Operational Technology systems.
  • 03 Tick icon Conduct active and passive penetration testing on Information Technology and Operational Technology environments.
  • 03 Tick icon Engage with Technology and Engineering teams to explain results and provide guidance on remediation of identified vulnerabilities.
  • 03 Tick icon Lead the Vulnerability Management activities within the Information Security Working Group, a cross functional team of Technology Operations and Applications team members responsible for reducing the cyber-attack surface of CSX systems.
  • 03 Tick icon Coordinate testing efforts of external red teaming and penetration teams engaged by CSX.
  • 03 Tick icon Research, evaluate, design, test, recommend or plan the implementation of new or updated information security hardware or software, and analyze its impact on the existing environment; provide technical and managerial expertise for the administration of security tools.
  • 03 Tick icon Manage production issues and incidents and participate in problem and change management forums.
  • 03 Tick icon Assist with the resolution of negative audit findings reported by internal or external auditors.

Gain related Knowledge and Skills for Red Team Architect

Network penetration testing and manipulation of network infrastructure
Mobile and/or web application assessments
Shell scripting or automation of simple tasks using Python.
Developing, extending, or modifying exploits, shellcode, or exploit tools.
Knowledge of application technology security testing (white box, black box and code review)
Adheres to and improves upon company Information Security policies and procedures; mastery of core technical concepts; supports and assists in response to security events and escalations; may provide disaster recovery support; responsibilities may extend beyond day-time business hours, including on-call rotation.
Technical agility and strong analytical skills.
Knowledge of mainstream operating systems (for example, Microsoft Windows and Linux) and a wide range of security technologies, such as network security appliances, identity and access management systems, anti-malware solutions, automated policy compliance and desktop security tools
Knowledge of network infrastructure, including routers, switches, firewalls and associated network protocols and concepts.
Strong written and verbal communication skills
Strong analytical skills

Related Job Roles for Vulnerability Research

    • 04 JobRole Person Icon Blue Team Technician
    • 04 JobRole Person Icon Red Team Technician
    • 04 JobRole Person Icon Computer Network Defense (CND) Auditor
    • 04 JobRole Person Icon Ethical Hacker
    • 04 JobRole Person Icon Information Security Engineer
    • 04 JobRole Person Icon Internal Enterprise Auditor
  • 04 JobRole Person Icon Penetration Tester
  • 04 JobRole Person Icon Network Security Engineer
  • 04 JobRole Person Icon Reverse Engineer
  • 04 JobRole Person Icon Risk/Vulnerability Analyst
  • 04 JobRole Person Icon Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Technician
  • 04 JobRole Person Icon Vulnerability Manager