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At EC-Council, we prioritize the protection of intellectual property rights and hold a strong commitment to upholding these rights. However, as an educational organization with a diverse content marketplace ecosystem, our content consists of content created by us, but also content created by individual authors within our open marketplace model. This marketplace model means that EC-Council may not be able to validate the content for accuracy, suitability and/or legality including but not limited to the course title, as these programs are created by the independent authors.

We expect all contributing authors on our site to uphold themselves to the highest standards of editorial integrity. For this we ask all authors to attest that they have all the necessary authorization to use the materials that they upload on our platform. We maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards plagiarism and do not tolerate any form of infringement within our marketplace. When any content is developed by our technical experts, we hold ourselves to the same standards and take best efforts to prevent any infringement of third-party intellectual property rights.

If you genuinely believe that content hosted on our website infringes on your copyright or the copyright of an organization you represent, you may provide details of this notice in the form below. You can also send a complaint via email by following the instructions in our Intellectual Property Rights Policy.

All copyright notices are subject to EC-Council’s IPR policy.

Please provide all details requested in this form. Incomplete forms will not be processed by our organization.

Please note that submitting a copyright takedown notice is a serious matter, and knowingly submitting misleading or fraudulent reports of infringement may have legal consequences. Please ensure that the information provided in your notice is accurate, complete, and in good faith. EC-Council takes such matters seriously and expects all parties involved to act with integrity and honesty throughout the process.

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