Help Desk Technician becomes a Cybersecurity Professional in the U.S. Department of Defense: How C|EH Certification Changed My Life!

Mikhail Chevrony

Designation: Cyber Security Fusion Threat Analyst
Company: Department of Defense
Country: United States

Are you stuck in a dead-end job, wondering what else is out there? Look no further than the cybersecurity world. In an exclusive interview, a former help desk technician named Mikhail Chevrony, reveals how the Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) certification changed his life. Tired of the monotonous and boring tasks of fixing small computer problems, he found purpose in his career by transitioning into cybersecurity. After Mikhail researched basic certifications, the C|EH stood out to him as a highly respected and recommended certification. It was the first step towards a career path with purpose and the ability to choose which company to work for. The C|EH certification even helped this professional stand out among other job applicants and secure a government position. Don’t miss out on this exclusive interview and the chance to learn how C|EH certification can change your life too!

Is C|EH Worth It?


I was responsible for fixing computer problems. Then I researched the basic certs out there and found that the C|EH is highly respected. The C|EH was the first step into the cybersecurity world.

Tell me about your journey as a cybersecurity professional.

My journey started as a help desk technician, where I was responsible for fixing computer problems, small things not working, or figuring out if they would reoccur. Over time, it became monotonous and boring. So what else could I do? What else is there for me besides this? I found cybersecurity. The whole field opened my eyes, and I saw a lot more potential for me. I found purpose in my career, and once that path was open to me, it changed my life.

What caught your attention about the C|EH program?
I discovered the C|EH certification by asking people’s opinions on a good entry point or segue into cybersecurity.

I researched the basic certs out there and found that the C|EH is highly respected and the top one recommended to me by others. It was the best way to introduce myself and familiarize myself with many concepts that I wasn’t yet genuinely familiar or hands-on with, and it allowed me to learn so much more. I apply that knowledge in new ways that I never would have done with desktop support or system administration work.

How did the C|EH program benefit your career?
The C|EH certainly helped me as I applied to many jobs in the government world.
I wrote other certs like everyone else.

It turns out having the C|EH helped me stand out above the rest.

And it was confirmed after my hiring. I approached the hiring manager about the reasons for choosing me above everyone else.

They mentioned that I stood out and highlighted that I had the C|EH, which got me in through the door, where I am now.

How recognized is the C|EH in your organization and the industry?

As a cyber defender, the C|EH does give you an edge because if you don’t know how the other side works and how they seek out targets and exploit them, it puts you at a disadvantage otherwise.

Did the C|EH help you in any way to either get higher pay, get a promotion, get a job you wanted, etc.?

The C|EH was the first step into the cybersecurity world. Without the C|EH, I wouldn’t have been able to get to where I am.

It enabled me to pick where to work instead of applying everywhere and hoping someone would accept me into a role. I am at the point where I can choose which company I want to work for. I am pickier with my career path and much more involved and plan with more accuracy where I want to end up in the next five to 10 years.

How has the C|EH certification impacted you?

I am grateful to EC-Council and the C|EH certificate, especially knowing they are among other companies that provide similar training. The C|EH comes in at a fraction of the price of other well-known companies. And it allowed me to get to where I am without costing me as much. The benefits overall, even short-term, have been excellent. I’ve gotten far in a short time since I started. It’s only been about five years since I got interested in cybersecurity. After the first step, learning about it,


getting certified in the C|EH from then has accelerated me and catapulted me to areas where I hadn’t dreamed of being and would never have thought it would be.

It also opens my mind to where I could be looking forward, where I can go in the next five years, ten years, who knows?

The sky is the limit.

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Is CEH Worth It?

Facts of Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH):
Reported by Thousands of Seasoned Cybersecurity Professionals in CEH Hall of Fame 2023.

Certified Ethical Hacker (World’s No.1 Ethical Hacker Certification)

C|EH is used in 7 of the Fortune 10, 47 of the Fortune 100 across many cybersecurity functions, making it a de facto standard in both the public and private sectors.

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