I Had a Postgraduate In Information Security, Yet Jobless! And then…

Ravina Joshi

Company: Bell
Title: Senior Cybersecurity Consultant
Country: Canada

Ravina Joshi, currently employed with Bell, one of the largest telecommunication companies in Canada, shares the success story her cyber security career. (C|EH) certification. Ravina Joshi, a recent graduate from Canada was unable to secure a job in the field until she obtained her C|EH. After completing the certification, Ravina received job offers from major organizations in Canada, including government agencies, banks, and telecom providers.

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After completing the CEH certification, I got various job offers from several big organizations in Canada.

Tell us about your journey as a cybersecurity professional.

Hi, I’m Ravina Joshi. I’m currently working with Bell, one of the largest telecommunication companies in Canada. I’m working as a senior cybersecurity consultant.

I have around three years of experience in the field of information security. I have always been passionate about computers, technology, data, and security, so I have always wanted to be a part of a team responsible for the organization’s security.

The world of cybercrimes and cybersecurity is constantly evolving. So staying ahead of criminals is a significant part of the job, and you can feel good about your work knowing that you are helping people by protecting their privacy.

What caught your attention about the C|EH program?

The Certified Ethical Hacker certification is one of the best certifications to pursue if the person wants to make a career in cybersecurity or excel more in professional life. The one thing that grabbed my attention about this program is its wide selection of topics, which are very important for anyone to understand to get into the security domain—for example, vulnerability analysis, network scanning, penetration testing, firewall, etc.

How has the C|EH benefitted your career?

C|EH has played an essential role in my career. When I completed my post-graduation from Canada, I had no job initially. I was not getting any interview calls despite having a post-graduation degree in information security.

So I was advised by my elder brother, who is also in IT, to pursue the C|EH certification.

After completing the CEH certification, I got various job offers from several big organizations in Canada.

And still today, I feel fortunate that I got the opportunity to work with government organizations, banks, and telecom providers in the country.

How recognized is the C|EH in your organization and the industry? 

The C|EH is very reputable in the IT security industry. It makes the person think like a cyber attacker and helps understand their thought process. It also opens the door to many opportunities like cybersecurity analysts, security auditors, cyber defense, vulnerability assessment analysts, ethical hackers, etc.

Did the C|EH help you to get higher pay, a promotion, or a job that you wanted?

The C|EH played an essential role in my career.

CEH helped me land my dream job even during COVID when the opportunities were slightly less in the market,

and apart from that, it helped me develop an attitude, reenact any threats, and react to them in many possible ways.

How has the C|EH certification impacted you?

The C|EH certification has impacted me most positively. It has driven me to be more focused and defensive toward threats and risks.

It has helped me gain more respect from my peers at work and the cybersecurity community. It motivated me to help organizations and the people around me to make them aware of their data security, theft, and cyber threats.

Did the C|EH help you give back to the community in any way?

C|EH has given me a comprehensive understanding of hacking tools, techniques, and tactics. So since then, it has become easier for me to address day-to-day security concerns of my relatives and friends. And I feel fortunate enough to make them aware of the evolving cybercrimes like social engineering attacks and how they can secure their data like bank information, SIN number, etc.

What was your favorite part of the C|EH program? Please explain why.

My favorite part of the course was when they explained social engineering. It thoroughly covers the overview of social engineering concepts, the type of social engineering attacks, how the different technique works, and what insider threats are. And how can an attacker impersonate social networking sites and mitigate these threats?

Do you attribute any part of your success to EC-Council? If so, do you have a message for the EC-Council team?

I want to thank the entire team at EC-Council from the bottom of my heart. It has opened various doors of opportunities for me, especially during the tough time of COVID. The C|EH certification is worth the time, effort, and money. And I would recommend this course to everyone who wants to build a career in cybersecurity.

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