Certified Ethical Hacker Engage CEH

Become a Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH)

Certified Ethical Hacker Engage CEH

Become a Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH)

Sharpen Your Real-World Ethical Hacking Skills, No Matter Your Level of Experience!

Develop real-world experience in ethical hacking through the hands-on C|EH Engage (practice) environment. The Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH v12) is a comprehensive training course that delivers real-world experience through its expanded curriculum, live cyber range, hands-on labs, and cutting-edge learning environment.

The C|EH v12 Engage range was designed to enable students to test their knowledge and apply their skills in a simulated ethical hacking engagement after they complete their training and practical labs. In this 4-part engagement, students are challenged to exercise critical thinking while testing what they learned in the course. By capturing several flags in each phase, they’ll practice their skills and abilities live in a consequence-free environment through EC-Council’s new Cyber Range.

Practice To


At Their Own Game

Your Mission

Once you’ve finished the hands-on guided labs, it’s time to put your skills to the test. Take on a hacker persona to find vulnerabilities in ABCD, all built in our C|EH Engage practice range. Apply your ethical hacking knowledge, whether you’re sharpening your skills or engaging for the first time.

The Scenario:

You are an ethical hacker hired to conduct an ethical hacking engagement with CEHORG. Below are more details about your engagement.

Your Objective:

Armed with your attack platform, Parrot OS, and many tools used by ethical hackers,you will embark on a 4-part engagement to assess ABCD’s security posture. Follow the process, practice your TTPs, and experience the real thing in a controlled environment with no consequences, just the ultimate learning experience to support your career as an ethical hacker! Each phase builds on the last as you progress through your CEHORG engagement. The flags in each phase progress alongside the C|EH course content, so you can challenge your skills as you learn or complete the challenge all together after completing the course—the choice is yours.



Why C|EH Engage?

With C|EH Engage, prove your mettle and develop the skills you need to be an ethical hacker. The C|EH program is the first to take trainees beyond theory, requiring them to put their skills to use in a practical setting using our innovative four-phase Learn, Certify, Engage, Compete methodology.

In the C|EH v12, candidates can hone their skills through in-depth training and practical labs, followed by a simulated ethical hacking engagement simulates a mid-size target organization. With four immersive, self-driven hacking assessments lasting four hours each, you’ll be required to hack the organization to test your newly learned skills from the program

A Pioneer in the Global Standard for Ethical Hacking:

The 5 Phases of Ethical Hacking

In 2003, C|EH introduced the five phases of ethical hacking, the blueprint for approaching your target and succeeding at breaking in. We have continued to hone these 5 phases, updating and refining them to match the skill set ethical hackers need today:



What Makes Certified Ethical Hacker Engage (C|EH) Unique?

As a C|EH student, you can access the C|EH skill check parts 1-4 in your C|EH v12 Aspen dashboard, where you can launch the Engage Range activities.

The official labs may include various operating systems, tools, susceptible targets, and a lab guide with exercises, tasks, and screenshots to help you in your learning journey. On the other hand, the Engage (practice) range is quite different from official labs: you won’t have immediate access to all equipment, and there are no exercises, tasks, or screenshots, either. Instead, the C|EH candidate will engage in their first ethical hacking assignment. The target network is a mock company called ABCD. Using the methods and strategies you learned in the C|EH program, you will have to analyze the environment using the Parrot Console and one Windows desktop. ABCD is a fully formed environment with vulnerable targets that will persist through the four exercises. You will create a proper foot print map, assess the targets for flaws, and take advantage of them.

While Engage and Compete are similar in the sense that they use the same connection technology, the content is vastly different between the two. Engage Parts 1 through 4 will test your abilities to apply what you have learned in the C|EH Course. Many of the objective flags in the Engage range are based on lab activities you have done in the C|EH course. The Global C|EH Challenges that comprise the Compete section of C|EH are fully formed target-rich environments where you apply everything you know from C|EH in a 4-hour competition setting. Instead of flags focusing on progressive topic areas in C|EH, the competitions challenge you to achieve key objectives with different settings and vulnerabilities each month.

You can access your after-action report for engaging and see how you did against specific flag questions, how much time you took, and whether you got the answers correct; however, Engage does not have a competitive leaderboard

Unlike the labs, Engage is designed to mimic a real-world organization. As a new Certified Ethical Hacker, it may take some time before you earn the right to conduct investigations or perform live hacks on your organization’s systems. The mock organization CEHORG gives you a safe place to practice the tactics and techniques you’ve learned without the threat of consequences. After being presented the scenario, you are tasked to apply the knowledge gained in C|EH and the skills you have learned in the labs against a controlled target organization. This will be the most realistic engagement for a new ethical hacker before being set loose on the real thing at your organization, giving you hands-on practice time where mistakes aren’t costly and missteps won’t crash your company’s systems. Simply put, Engage is the place to cut your teeth.

Yes. Engage is included as a benefit of the C|EH v12 Elite package. EC-Council does not provide access to Engage to those who are not a C|EH v12 student or certification holder.

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