Brazil Ethical Hacker Bags the First Position in EC-Council’s IOT Attack / Hacking May 2023 C|EH Compete Challenge

EC-Council, the world leader in cybersecurity certification, recognizes the competence of ethical hackers worldwide in the May 2023 C|EH Compete challenge: IoT Attack/Hacking, unleashed the power of the participants in hacking their way to the top of the leaderboard.

Tampa, Fla. (June 12, 2023) — Top ethical hackers from all over the world competed against their peers to secure the top positions on the leaderboard as a part of the EC-Council’s C|EH Compete Global Hacking competition, a monthly event that tests participants’ practical competence and knowledge in ethical hacking. The C|EH Compete challenges are incorporated in the course’s new learning model (C|EH® v12) to equip ethical hackers with job-ready skills. Hosted in EC-Council’s live cyber range environment, the C|EH challenges present new themes assessing students on their ethical hacking prowess and critical thinking abilities. By participating in scenario-based engagements, students demonstrate their expertise in hacking their way to the top of the C|EH Compete Leaderboard.

The May 2023 edition, based on the theme of IoT Attack/hacking, evaluated the participants on their skills in running vulnerability assessments in medical IoT devices and identifying weaknesses to prevent malicious hackers from gaining access to the devices. With the large-scale use of IoT devices in healthcare, the need to address IoT security risks has grown considerably, making the challenge theme industry-relevant and helping students gain exposure to the latest cybersecurity developments.

Competitors raced against the clock in the 4-hour, curated, capture-the-flag style competition, to secure the top 10 positions on the leaderboard. After a challenging competition, Heitor Magnani from Brazil emerged as the winner taking the first position, followed by Prajwal A from India securing the second and Marjan Sterjev from Macedonia the third.


EC-council’s flagship program, the Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH), is the most comprehensive ethical hacking program, training aspiring cybersecurity professionals through a unique learn-certify-engage-compete framework, teaching the core ethical hacking processes and practices and equipping them with skills to effectively tackle real-world challenges.

EC-Council proudly congratulates its Accredited Training Centers, Softsell (Cerne Informatica) in Brazil, Semos Computers Education Center in Macedonia, Redteam Hacker Academy in India, for providing their students with top-notch C|EH training and assisting them in making it to the top ten rankings in the C|EH May Global Challenge Leaderboard.

While the demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals rises worldwide, the C|EH ensures they are always on top of the game with cutting-edge practical skills by allowing candidates to participate in stimulating cyber competitions. With exposure to new technologies and emerging threats, learners get the opportunity to keep their skills relevant to the evolving cybersecurity landscape.

To view the annual calendar of the C|EH Compete series, please visit: C|EH Compete

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