EC-Council’s December 2023 C|EH Compete Challenge Shines Spotlight on MITRE Framework Credential Exploitations, Elevating Cybersecurity Excellence Globally

Tampa, Florida (January 8, 2024)

EC-Council, a World leader in cybersecurity education and training and inventor of the Certified Ethical Hacker Certification, announced the exceptional winners of the December 2023 edition of the C|EH Compete Challenge, a pivotal moment strategically honing on MITRE Framework Credential Exploitations—a timely focus amidst the surging tide of cyber threats.

The challenge was meticulously designed to not only elevate the prowess of ethical hackers but also to strengthen information systems against the relentless evolution of threats. The event not only established a commendable standard in addressing credential exploitation vulnerabilities but also served as a powerful exemplification of the practical application of cybersecurity principles in authentic, real-world scenarios.

As projected by Cybersecurity Ventures, the anticipated cost of cybercrime is set to reach a staggering $10.5 trillion by 2025, translating to roughly $32,000 per person in the United States. With organizations confronting ever-more sophisticated attacks, the demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals has never been more urgent.

The participants demonstrated exceptional skill and strategic thinking, vying for coveted positions within the top 10 on the leaderboard. Following an intense competition, Nayan Roy emerged victorious, hailing from India, closely followed by Tomasz Wasiak from Poland and Laszlo Komjati from Hungary securing second and third places, respectively.

December 2023 CEH Compete Challenge

EC-Council extends hearty congratulations to its Accredited Training Centers: SSDN Technologies Pvt Ltd in India, NET Computer in Poland, Hellenic American Education Centre in Greece, and QUIK (Quest Institute of Knowledge) in India. These centers have consistently delivered exceptional C|EH training, guiding their students to excel and secure positions within the top ten ranks on the esteemed C|EH Global Challenge Leaderboard.

In these escalating challenges, initiatives such as the C|EH Compete Challenge transcend being mere benchmarks; they emerge as pivotal contributors to constructing a dynamic cybersecurity ecosystem. As the digital landscape evolves, the imperative for skilled professionals is underscored by the escalating financial ramifications of cyber threats. The C|EH Compete Challenge stands as a strategic response, not only addressing immediate skill needs but also playing a crucial role in fortifying our collective defenses against the relentless tide of cyber threats.

Going beyond conventional assessments, the format of the challenge catapulted top ethical hackers into strategic battles, requiring them to navigate the intricate landscape of MITRE Framework Credential Exploitations. Participants not only demonstrated technical expertise but also the strategic mindset necessary to outsmart cyber adversaries in an ever-sophisticated threat landscape.

Beyond the noteworthy achievements of the December 2023 challenge, EC-Council’s dedication to cybersecurity excellence stands unswerving. The organization surpasses isolated challenges, offering an extensive range of certification programs and training initiatives. This steadfast commitment functions as a catalyst, initiating meaningful change within the industry by equipping individuals and organizations with the essential knowledge and skills to combat cyber threats with unmatched effectiveness. EC-Council remains resolute, a guiding light in the realm of cybersecurity excellence, actively shaping the trajectory of a secure digital landscape

About EC-Council

EC-Council invented the Certified Ethical Hacker. Founded in 2001 in response to 9/11, EC-Council’s mission is to provide the training and certifications apprentice and experienced cyber security professionals need to keep corporations, government agencies, and others who employ them safe from attacks.

Best known for its Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) program, EC-Council today offers 200 different trainings, certificates, and degrees in everything from Computer Forensic Investigation and Security Analysis to Threat Intelligence and Information Security. An ISO/IEC 17024 Accredited Organization recognized under the US Defense Department Directive 8140/8570 and many other authoritative cyber security bodies worldwide, the company has certified over 350,000 professionals across the globe. Trusted by seven of the Fortune 10, half of the Fortune 100, and the intelligence communities of 140 nations, EC-Council is the gold standard in cyber security education and certification.

A truly global organization with a driving belief in bringing diversity, equity, and inclusion to the modern cybersecurity workforce, EC-Council maintains 11 offices in the US, the UK, India, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

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