Top Ethical Hackers Excelled in a Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Investigation During EC-Council’s Global C|EH Compete Challenge in January 2024

Tampa, Florida, February 12th, 2024: The January 2024 Global C|EH Compete Challenge, hosted by EC-Council, inventor of the Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) certification, and a global leader in cybersecurity education and training, witnessed the world’s top ethical hackers showcasing their unparalleled skills in investigating operational technology exploitations. In a particularly challenging simulated mission, participants delved into a critical infrastructure scenario, highlighting the significance of cybersecurity challenges and their crucial role in addressing evolving threats.

The challenge tasked ethical hackers with investigating a potential operational technology (OT) exploitation incident within a critical infrastructure organization responsible for managing a large-scale water treatment facility. The organization detected unusual behavior in its OT systems, sparking concerns about access to critical control systems. The simulated investigation not only required participants to identify the source of the intrusion and assess the extent of the breach but also to recommend actions to mitigate and prevent future incidents.

These challenges reinforce the need for cybersecurity professionals to be versatile, strategic, and well-versed in the intricacies of OT systems. Ethical hackers, through simulations like these, enhance their abilities to identify and counteract cyber threats, ultimately contributing to the resilience of critical systems.

The participants demonstrated exceptional skill and strategic thinking, vying for coveted positions within the top 10 on the leaderboard. Following an intense competition, Ashraf Aljawhary emerged victorious, hailing from US, closely followed by Argyri Eleni Asimakopoulou from Greece and Pierre-Yves Guerder from France, securing second and third places, respectively.

EC-Council extends sincere congratulations to its Accredited Training Centers: Hellenic American Education Centre  in Greece, Synnex Metrodata Indonesia PT. in Indonesia, Hacker School (A Subsidiary of Cartel Software Pvt. Ltd.) – Hyderabad and Redteam Hacker Academy in India and NET Computer  in Poland. These centers have consistently delivered exceptional C|EH training, guiding their students to excel and secure positions within the top ten ranks on the esteemed C|EH Global Challenge Leaderboard.

Competitions like the C|EH Compete Challenge serve as a catalyst for innovation, fostering a community of ethical hackers dedicated to staying ahead of emerging threats. The importance of such challenges lies in their ability to mirror real-world cybersecurity scenarios, providing participants with opportunities to apply their expertise in securing essential infrastructure.

As the January challenge concludes, EC-Council applauds the commitment of all participants to advancing cybersecurity knowledge and skills. The insights gained from this simulated scenario contribute not only to individual professional development but also to the collective strength of the cybersecurity community in safeguarding critical infrastructure.

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