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The EC-Council Licensed Penetration Tester (Master) Credential


Attend EC-Council's Licensed Penetration Tester Training and Acquire Master Pen Testing Certification

To earn the prestigious EC-Council LPT (Master) Credential, you must successfully pass our most challenging practical exam available. The LPT (Master) practical exam is the capstone to EC-Council’s entire information security track; from the Certified Ethical Hacker Program (CEH) to the EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA) Program. It all culminates with the ultimate test of your career as a penetration tester – the Licensed Penetration Tester practical exam.

You will need to demonstrate a mastery of the skills required to conduct a full blackbox penetration test of a network provided to you by EC-Council on our cyber range. You will follow the entire process taught to you through Ethical Hacking and Security Assessment, taking you from reconnaissance, through scanning, enumeration, gaining access, maintaining access, then exploiting vulnerabilities that you will have to seek out in a network that only a true professional will be able to break. EC-Council will provide the entire cyber-range through its cloud based cyber range, iLabs. All toolsets are provided to you, you bring the skill.
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Learn Penetration Testing Online with EC-Council’s Online Penetration Testing Course via iClass

EC-Council’s Online is the most comprehensive online penetration testing course globally. You get the same content that is delivered in our 5 day ECSA class, but it is an online format. The course has a very intensive approach to exploitation and pentesting and is set in an environment which has very high security. The online version contains over 39 intense modules and over 2300 slides that will take you through complex concepts of penetration testing.. This is accompanied with over 45 hands on labs in our Cyber Range. Students will also get the official ECSA courseware and over 1100 tools to help them dive deep into the science of penetration testing.

The EC-Council team has taken a lot of effort to ensure that you get the same training experience as you would have, should have you attended our 5 days penetration testing class in person via our iClass range of solutions. 

LPT (Master) Exam
A Real Time Performance Based Assessment


EC-Council's Penetration Tester exam is a Real Time Performance Based Security Assessment

The LPT (Master) exam is developed with collaboration from SMEs and practitioners around the world after a thorough job role, job task, and skills-gap analysis.

The exam environment simulates a complex network of a multi-national organization in real time. This virtual cyber range, much like an actual network, has multiple networks with different militarized and de-militarized zones. Like any organization, the target of evaluation in the LPT (Master) practical exam is segmented into many departments, has various users and groups from information workers, to admins, to executives, various operating systems, patch levels, proprietary as well as open source applications, and security controls.

Candidates will be exposed to the exam environment via EC-Council’s iLabs (cloud based cyber-range) access codes provided to candidates at the onset of the exam cycle.
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How does the LPT (Master)
License Help Me in Conducting Pen Tests?


Get Licensed Penetration Testing Training and make your Information Assets, Network Systems free from Security Flaws

The Licensed Penetration Tester License (Master) provides assurance to your employer or prospective clients that you possess the “hands on” skills based competency to perform a thorough security assessment. It also provides you with the “entry pass” to become part of the EC- Council Global Service’s Tiger Team, which provides you a platform to showcase your skills and earn real-world pen testing experience, globally.

How is LPT (Master) framework
Different From Other Pen Testing Frameworks And Standards


Get EC-Council Certification in Penetration Testing Series Security Audit Course Training

Unlike other proprietary pen testing frameworks that are used only within a particular organization, EC-Council’s Licensed Penetration Tester (Master) framework is available to public. The LPT (Master) framework was developed based on a thorough analysis of all the available frameworks and standards in the industry. The Licensed Penetration Testing (Master) encompasses the best of the breed methodologies from across the world, into one standard.


The A Team


EC-Council's LPT Team A - a Pool of Accredited Penetration Tester professionals

The “A” Team is an elite set of professionals who hold LPT (Master)  credential and will either be working in conjunction or as part of the EC-Council Global Services (EGS) consulting unit and will be extended an invitation to be part of the penetration testing and Information security consulting assignments EGS is engaged in across the globe across all industry verticals.

How to become a member of the “A” Team

Selected Certified Licensed Penetration Tester professionals will be invited in EC-Council’s elite “A” Team. Police clearance / verification / background check / legal agreements will be involved before joining the team.

 Become a Master in Penetration Tester Methodologies with Pen Testing skills

LPT (Master) Exam Information

A. Eligibility Criteria

  • To be eligible to apply to sit for the LPT (Master) Exam, candidate must either.
    • Be an ECSA member in good standing (Your USD100 application fee will be waived); or
    • Have a minimum of 2 years working experience in pentesting (You will need to pay USD100 as a non-refundable application fee); or
    • Have any other approved industry certifications such as OSCP or GPEN cert (You will need to pay USD100 as a non-refundable application fee).
B. Application Process
  1. Applicants must apply directly to EC-Council via the online web form and provide the following:
    • A copy of police verification from applicant’s local law enforcement agency or EC-Council Declaration of No Criminal Conviction Form ;
    • EC-Council Code of Conduct (COC) Form ;
    • Updated Resume documenting penetration testing experience or skill;
  2. Approved applicants must purchase the Licensed Penetration Tester (Master) Exam Kit via EC-Council online store within 3 months of receiving the approval email (the approval will expire post the 3 months and applicants will have to reapply and remit the USD100 non-refundable application fee again).
  3. Upon confirmation of the payment of USD899, the LPT (Master) Exam Kit will be released to the applicant, which consists of:
    • iLabs Cyber Range Access Code (applicants are given a 5 day block access from activation date / code is valid for 3 months from the date of release)
    • Aspen LPT (Master) Dashboard Access Code (applicants have a 30 day window to submit their reports from activation date/code is valid for 3 months from the date)
    • A 2 year LPT (Master) License is included in the LPT (Master) Exam Kit valid for 2 year license / subject to ECE and renewal requirements)


  • Candidates will receive instructions on how to activate their exams via EC-Council’s ASPEN portal via their registered email.
  • Candidates will activate their exams through ASPEN, using their unique Aspen LPT (Master) Dashboard Access Code provided.
  • Candidates are given 5 days (calculated from the activation of their iLabs activation code) to complete the required blackbox penetration test of EC-Council’s cyber range. The iLabs access code will be released once the Aspen LPT (Master) Dashboard is activated.
  • Candidates are given 30 days (calculated from the activation of their Aspen LPT (Master) Dashboard) to submit their completed penetration test report through their ASPEN account..
  • Candidates will receive their exam results through official email notifications from EC-Council ( within 14 days from the submission of the penetration testing report .
  • If a candidate requires extension to the iLabs Cyber Range access, further 5 days block can be purchased at USD200 per block (through EC-Council online store).
  • Candidates can choose to purchase a retake package at USD 599 under the below conditions:
    • Candidate has failed to meet the requirement of the LPT Cyber Range challenges and pen-test report, and would like to try again.
    • Candidate has failed to submit your report in the required 30 day window period.
    • Candidate has submitted an incorrect report.

D. LPT (Master) Credential


  1. Successful candidates will receive the LPT (Master) Welcome Kit consisting of:
    • Membership card
    • Printed Certificate
    • Certificate Holder
    • Welcome Letter
    • Lapel Pin
    • EC-Council LPT (Master) T-shirt
  2. The LPT(Master) license is valid for2 years. After the initial 2 years, members wil have to renew their LPT (Master) license by remitting the annual USD250 renewal fee.
  3. Members are required to fulfil their ECE requirements to remain in good standing.


Benefits of Penetration testing certification

  • EC-Council's prestigious endorsement as a licensed penetration testing professional, allows successful candidates to practise penetration testing and consulting internationally.
  • Industry acceptance as a legal and ethical security professional.
  • Access to proprietary EC-Council software, templates, and penetration testing methodologies.
  • License to practice and conduct security testing in organizations accredited by EC-Council.
  • Acquire knowledge from experienced hands-on Licensed Penetration Tester methodologies and latest penetration testing practices.
Join for Information Assurance Training Program to become an EC-Council Certified Security Analyst

Read here Disclaimer Note for EC-Council's Licensed Penetration Tester (LPT) Certification Programs


The LPT (Master) title and designation is a Private License from EC-Council to suitably qualified individuals that achieve the high standards set by EC-Council to use  EC-Council's approved trademarks, methodologies, templates and report structures in their professional career. The LPT (Master)is NOT a governmentally sanctioned title conferred by any government institution or state.


Frequently Asked Questions

1 Why should I be licensed?

Become EC-Council's Pen Tester Professional with hands on penetration testing methodologies

Penetration testers today have been certified by different agencies. But are they trusted? Do they follow a code of ethics? The answer is no. The Licensed Penetration Tester (LPT) program offered by EC-Council gives certified penetration testers the opportunity to practise their skills so that they are able to function as a licensed penetration tester. EC-Council’s licensed penetration testers use hands-on penetration testing methodologies and are trained by experts and specialists who are licensed penetration testers from EC-Council.

2 I am already a Penetration Tester, why do I need to be a Licensed Penetration Tester?

Attend EC-Council's Licensed Penetration Tester Training and Acquire Pen Testing series Ethical Hacking Certification

Being a penetration tester would be of little help in this insecure world. Corporate organizations today are looking for penetration testers who can analyze vulnerabilities of the network and who can be trusted not to disclose network vulnerabilities to competitors. Thereby, many companies would be looking for a Penetration Tester who is licensed to carry out these tasks and who has hands-on experience in penetration testing.

3What is the difference between a Licensed Penetration Tester and a Certified Ethical Hacker?

Find here difference between a Certified Penetration Tester and a Certified Ethical Hacker

A Certified Ethical Hacker would be an individual who is trained in mastering hacking technologies. A Licensed Penetration Tester is a professional who is equipped with a License to conduct penetration testing of corporate networks. Licensed Penetration Testers are preferred over non-licensed ones by companies for recruitments/assignments.

4Why do I need to supply police verification?

To get a license in Penetration Testing, the Police verification is preferred, but not mandatory

Police verification is preferred, though not mandatory. However, one of the requirements of being able to avail a license in Penetration Testing is that the candidate should be able to supply a photocopy of his / her criminal background check that is available through any local law enforcement agency. The document should certify that the individual does not have any criminal record / background.

5What benefits does the EC-Council’s License for Penetration Testing give?

EC-Council's LPT - The most world leading certification for penetration tester professionals

With the Licensed Penetration Testing (LPT) program from EC-Council, companies are assured that Licensed Penetration Testers are being taught, tested and licensed by a globally recognized and professionally managed body like EC-Council. Thus, organizations can be completely assured and confident of the deliverables of the Licensed Penetration Tester certification authorized by EC-Council. This can be compared to availing a driving license from your license issuing authority.

6How is EC-Council’s Licensed Penetration Testing different from training and other methodologies?

Find here how EC-Council’s LPT different from training and other pen test methodologies

The Licensed Penetration Testing accreditation licence provided by EC-Council is different from other training programs as the instructors teaching the related program (ECSA) are experts and specialists in the field of penetration testing and are qualified and licensed penetration testers themselves. EC-Council provides specialized training for licensed penetration testers to have a competitive edge in the information security market.

7What is EC-Council’s Tiger Team?

Join Tiger team- Buy EC-Council's Licensed Penetration Tester (LPT) Framework

EC-Council’s Tiger Team is made up of Licensed Penetration Testers from different disciplines. The Tiger Team consists of Database Penetration Testers, Firewall Penetration Testers, Cisco Penetration Testers, Oracle Penetration Testers, Report writers, etc. A Chief Penetration Tester heads the Tiger Team. EC-Council’s Tiger Team consists of Licensed Penetration Testers around the world.

8How can I become a part of EC-Council’s Tiger Team?

Are you a Penetration Tester? join EC-Council’s Tiger Team and obtain the LPT (Master) certification license

Penetration Testers can join EC-Council’s Tiger Team after they obtain the LPT (Master) certification license. Once the penetration tester has received his /her license, he or she would share a common platform with other LPTs (Master) and be part of EC-Council’s Tiger Team through EC-Council’s member portal for LPT (Master) professionals.

9If I have a penetration testing assignment, how do I go about completing it?

Learn advanced pen tester methodologies and techniques in penetration testing

Penetration Testing assignments given by EC-Council teach the candidate to start penetration testing training from scratch. Candidates are taught advanced techniques in penetration testing.

10what kind of exam does LPT (Master) have?

LPT (Master) Exam is a  practical report writing based on iLabs

A practical report writing based on iLabs.

11What if someone breaks the EC-Council code of ethics?

Read here the EC-Council's code of ethics

If any candidate breaks the EC-Council code of ethics, his / her penetration testing license would immediately be revoked after EC-Council conducts a detailed investigation into the case.

12How do I apply for the LPT (Master) license?

Find here information on how to apply and achieve the LPT (Master) license

Applicants must apply directly to EC-Council via the online web form


13How long is the License for Penetration Testers valid?

Note: The validity of the license for the penetration tester expires after 2 years

The validity of the license for the penetration tester expires after 2 years. The penetration tester can apply for renewal of licenses by providing payment of USD250 annually to EC-Council.

Note: This is subject to the LPT (Master) remaining in good standing as per the ECE policy listed at


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