Advanced Network Defense Course

CAST 614

Advanced Network Defense

Come experience a comprehensively structured and fast paced program that immerses you into the mysterious world of the “hacker”, providing insights of their mindset; a critical weapon for defending against some of the most malicious attacks around.

Course Description

With this course you can be among the few who transcend the old idea of the hacker having all the fun, take pride being the defender, form an offensive mindset to skillfully orchestrate robust and solid defenses and reinvent popular belief by beating the hacker at his own game.

You will be evaluating advanced “hacks” and methods of defense fortification bringing you closer to establishing perfect security by reviewing best practices and methodologies you can apply to secure environments, provide segmentation and isolation to reduce the effectiveness of the Advanced Persistent Threat.

The course will cover fundamental areas of fortifying your defenses; you will discover methods of developing a secure baseline and how to “harden” your enterprise architectures from the most advanced attacks. Once a strategy for a fortified perimeter is defined the course moves on to defending against the sophisticated malware that is on the rise today and the importance of “live” memory analysis and real time monitoring.