CNN Money: The Quest for an Unhackable Code

CNN Money: The Quest for an Unhackable Code
September 7, 2011 EC-Council

Every day the news hits of another company, website or long list of credit cards that’s been hacked. But what if there was a foolproof technology to fend off cyberattackers by keeping secret information secret?

Would an unhackable encryption algorithm do the trick?

That’s what a father and son team from Calgary, Alberta, say they’ve created. For the past several years, cryptographic hobbyists Robert and Frederik Kleiner have been working to develop Enigma-DS, an encryption code that they claim cannot be broken.

Rather than encrypt a bit of text letter by letter (A becomes Q, B becomes H, etc.), Enigma-DS converts text into code based on language, sentence structure and words. For example, the word “rose” could become “wp76546hj!lldrk,” but “rise” might become “[email protected]#Qh!21mb.”

A unique key is generated for every encoded item. Even if someone were able to discover the key to unlock and decrypt one file, others would remain unaffected by the breach, the Kleiners say. Read more…