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About Code Uncode:

According to an analysis by Cybersecurity Ventures, global annual cybercrime costs were estimated at around three trillion dollars in 2015. In its forecast, the analysis estimated that the cost of global cybercrime could reach up to six trillion dollars by 2021. Further investigation would reveal neglected aspects that, if corrected in the initial stages, could help the world mitigate cybercrime issues (along with reducing the costs of global cybercrime) such as:

  • Lack of secure programming skillsets among existing programmers
  • An increasing gap in the demand-and-supply requirement of secure programming professionals

Code Uncode is a secure programming competition launched in 2013 to create a platform for existing and aspiring programmers to showcase their skillset. Also, the program aims to bridge the skill gap in the domain of secure programming within the Information Security subset.

Mission: To create a cohesive platform for the programmers to exchange their ideas, thoughts, and technological advances in a secure programming domain.

Vision: Making the cyber space a secure home by building on skills and capacity in the Information Security domain––along with strengthening awareness, thereby creating a national footprint in secure programming.

About EC-Council Foundation

EC-Council Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by EC-Council to raise awareness of cyber safety issues for the global community while unifying global cyber defense.

EC-Council Foundation’s mission is to create a safer cyber world, by using our programs and events to advocate safer online activities. Cyber security statistics show that the majority of security breaches are: low in difficulty, take a long time to discover, are discovered by outside parties, and are perpetrated by outsiders.

Through our programs we aim to stop malicious hacking at its core cause, while creating an opportunity for ethical hacking to be accepted and practiced without any discrimination, across all geographical boundaries for the purpose of understanding what it takes to protect and secure critical information and assets.

Exam Format


ScheduleSyllabusPhasesOptional papers in each roundEligibility CriteriaSelection Criteria


The event will be conducted in 3 parts: Preliminary, Semi-Finals, and Finals (leading to identifying the top programmers in Sri Lanka).
Phase No. of Questions Duration of the test
Preliminary Round 100 (MCQs) 120 minutes
Semifinal Round 75 (MCQs) 75 minutes
Grand Finale 10 (SBQs) 60 minutes


Basics of programming, C, C++, Java, .NET, PHP, Network Security


  1. Preliminary Round
  2. Semi Final Round
  3. Grand Finale

Optional papers in each round

Semi Final Round:
Code Uncode Java
Code Uncode .NET

Final Round:
Code Uncode Java
Code Uncode .NET

Eligibility Criteria

Professionals: Programmers with experience in Java, .NET, PHP
Students: Students doing their graduation and Post graduation in Computer Science, IT and equivalent

Selection Criteria

Preliminary Round: Open
Semi Final Round: Top 10% candidates of the preliminary round
Grand Finale: Top 10% candidates of the Semifinal round
Winners: Top three scorers of Grand Finale


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