As The Threat of Security Breaches Escalates to All Time Highs Across International Borders, EC-Council Announces Its 1st Series of Global CISO Executive Summits

As The Threat of Security Breaches Escalates to All Time Highs Across International Borders, EC-Council Announces Its 1st Series of Global CISO Executive Summits
December 1, 2011 EC-Council

Today’s cyber threats are not limited to a specific industry or country, but are infiltrating industries across the world on a grand scale. Leaders of information security must come together and set a course to discover ways to overcome these challenges.

November 30, 2011 Albuquerque, NM- EC-Council has announced a new Global CISO Executive Summit Series. The CISO Executive Summit 2011 is 1st of the series and will be held from December 5-6, 2011 at The M Resort in Las Vegas, NV. The mission of the CISO Executive Summit is to unite the top information security leaders across the world in the fight against cyber crime and information security threats.

Jay Bavisi, President of EC-Council, states the reason behind the Global CISO Executive Summit Series is that, “Knowledge transfer and exchange has always been a challenge for organizations. Our intent for this exclusive and high-level event is distinctly clear- it is to create a platform to facilitate effective knowledge exchange, where the information security threats and landscape evolution are being discussed and debated.”

The need for a platform designed specifically for top information security executives to gather and share information has never been more needed as industry professionals have called 2011 the “Year of Security Breaches.” According to Shawn Davis, FBI Executive Assistant Director, a company that recently became a victim of a security breach lost over $1 billion and 10 years worth of research and development virtually overnight. The surge in security breaches has heightened awareness across industries and lead to increased involvement of information security executive management. EC-Council’s Global CISO Executive Summit Series will connect top industry professionals across the world and create an arena for knowledge sharing and discussion.

EC-Council has designed the CISO Executive Summit 2011 as a panel-based event to encourage dialogue of the industry’s most recent topics, trends, and best practices. The event will feature over 40 prominent speakers from the private, public, and government sectors. To view a complete list of speakers, please visit Due to the nature of the discussions that will take place; this will be a closed-door event open only to senior information security executives (C-levels, VPs, Senior Directors, etc.).
The CISO Executive Summit will provide a platform for:

Knowledge Sharing: Sharing best practices and knowledge to overcome the challenges that the industry presents today so that leaders are prepared to defend tomorrow.

Networking: Networking with the industry’s leading security professionals and developing the support that will help design, develop and manage the most effective information security strategy for organizations.

Shaping the Future: Sharing knowledge and experience with colleagues to develop a global Summit format with a focus on international information security concerns.

The EC-Council CISO Executive Summit will be a forum to explore IT Security, privacy and risk and compliance issues such as:

  • Best Practices of Information Security Operations and Maintenance
  • Implementing a High-Performing Information Security Program
  • The Challenges of Managing Information Security in a Global Arena Crossing International Borders
  • Embracing the Cloud & Mitigating Surrounding Threats
  • Outsourcing and Information Security Management
  • Managing Insider Threats
  • Structuring and Managing Your Infosec Workforce
  • Achieving PCI DSS Compliance in the Cloud
  • Monitoring and Evaluating your IT security policies
  • Preparing for Future Challenges

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Summit will be a forum to exploreIT security, privacy