EC-Council Partner in France Holds IT Security Seminar

EC-Council Partner in France Holds IT Security Seminar
January 13, 2011 EC-Council

PARIS,  January 13, 2011 : The Institut Informatique et Entreprise (IIE), a newly appointed Academia Partner of the EC-Council, recently conducted an important IT Security seminar for businesses on the risks and exposures that businesses face from unauthorized network intrusions.

More than 100 participants attended the IIE’s December 7th seminar in Valenciennes, in Northern France.
The IIE seminar focused on the risks and exposures that all businesses and organizations face from malevolent network intrusions. A key goal of the EC-Council and its partners is to teach information security professionals how to « think like hackers » in order to defeat them. As such, the IIE conférence provided extensive instruction on the tools and methods used by malicious hackers and effective countermeasures. The seminar also discussed current weaknesses in IT security certification programs.

Conference Highlights:
IIE Director Liliane Denis-Cussaguet explained how she trains her students to be aware  of the potential dangers that could affect their  enterprises system security at any project phase.

IIE Professor and Certified EC-Council Instructor Dr. Christian Deliescche introduced the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) course. As he explained, a key part of the CEH program is to train IT security professionals to think like hackers in order to reduce their offensive capabilities within an organization. Dr. Deliescche also highlighted the knowledge and skills that help to prevent security breaches, as well as post-breach tracing and security.

Claire Kemp, the EC-Council’s representative in France, shared the dramatic growth in demand of IT security professionals worldwide and locally in France.  According to Kemp, skyrocketing cyber crime levels, increased sophistication of the underground hacking community and the lack of training and education, were the main causes of this growth. She went on to share the endorsements, strategic partnerships and recognitions of EC-Council certifications in the professional world.
As a new Academia Partner of the EC-Council, the IIE’s students will undergo EC-Council course certifications before graduation.