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Cyber Risk Quantified

How to Build a Strong Security Awareness Program for Your Employees

Speaker: Dave Summitt,
(CISO, Alpha Omega Advisors)

Cyber Risk Quantified

How Visibility and Machine Learning Makes Cyber Incident Detection and Response Results Better

Speaker: Yuri Diogenes,
(ECCU Professor / Author / Principal PM for Azure Security Center, Microsoft)
Sunil Varkey, VP – Forescout Technologies Inc.

Cyber Risk Quantified

How Identity and Access Management Helps Empower Digital Transformation Initiatives

Speaker: Arun K. Singh ,
( CEO and Board Member, Ilantus Technologies)

Cyber Risk Quantified

Information Security for Everyone – Where to Start with the Basics?

Speaker: Tino Šokić ,
( Information Security Professional (Not just another security guy))

Cyber Risk Quantified

How AI Will Change Hacking: The Good and the Bad

Speaker: Ronald Schmelzer,
(Principal Analyst, Managing Partner, and Founder of the Artificial Intelligence-focused analyst and advisory firm Cognilytica.)

Cyber Risk Quantified

IoT Based Attacks in the Healthcare Industry: Do You Know How to Respond?

Speaker: Amol Kodag,( Engineering Director – R&D, Medtronic.
Heading Cardiovascular Portfolio at Medtronic Engineering and Innovation Center (MEIC).

Cyber Risk Quantified

Cyber Risk Quantified: Why You Need It and How to Start?

Speaker: Ken Muir,( vCISO, LCM Security Inc.)

Cyber Risk Quantified

Network Security for a Safe Remote Work Culture In 2021

Speaker:Scott Schober,( president and CEO of Berkeley Varitronics Systems.)

Julie Beck

Driving Security Into Your Business: How to Leverage Zero Trust to Address FWA

Speaker: John Kupcinski,(Director of Information Security Transformation, Freddie Mac)

Julie Beck

How to Achieve Success in Cybersecurity: One Woman’s Inspirational Story

Speaker: Julie Beck,(Information Security Analyst)

Why Incident Response Should Be the Next Thing You Automate

Speaker: Harris D. Schwartz, (Vice President Security Advisory, Aon)

How to Design Secure Applications in the Cloud

Speaker: Nenne Adaora Nwodo, (Software Engineer, Microsoft Mixed Reality; Creator, AdoraHack; Public Speaker)

Women in Cybersecurity: Why Now Is the Best Time

Speaker: Roxanne Kemp,PhD, (Dean and Chief Academic Leader for EC-Council University)

Blockchain for Industry 4.0: A Complete Review

Speaker: David Palmer, Blockchain Lead IoT, Vodafone Business, Sjanie Bijl, Global Account Manager Vodafone Global Enterprise

Why Is Application Security Important for Your Business?

Speaker:Dragan Pleskonjic, Entrepreneur | Executive | Advisor | Software & Cyber Security | ML & AI | Author | Researcher | Innovator | Founder | Leader

How to Build Digital Trust in Your Digital Transformation

Speaker: Walid Mahmoud, (Head of Information Security and Risk Management, Mantrac Group)

The Need for Security Orchestration and Automation

Speaker: Maria Elizabeth de Guzman, (Cybersecurity Director)

Getting Started in Cybersecurity in 2021: Pathways to a Successful Career

Speaker: Tino Šokić (Sokic), (Cyber Security Professional)


Speaker: Bogdan Carlescu (Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Bitdefender)

Choosing the Right Cybersecurity Career Pathway: Degree or Certification?

Speaker: Zubair Baig (Senior Lecturer, Cyber Security and Co-Director, Security and Privacy in IoT Research Lab)

Cyber Threat Intelligence & Incident Response: Best Practices to Secure Your Cloud

Speaker: Malini Rao (Global Head – Cybersecurity and GRC Operations)

How to Navigate Your First 90 Days as a CISO

Speaker: Mansi Thapar (IT Leader, Head – Information Security at Jaquar Group)

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