I-Business Certification Programs

Our Certification Programs cover a range of needed skills and talents the job market looks for. Browse the certification titles below and click each name to read more about the program, prerequisites, and learning objectives.

Customer Relationship Management

Certified CRM Practitioner

This certification covers the core competencies of customer relationship management, through the use of technology, sales processes, understanding your target audience, customer service and setting up your business to properly handle customer needs.
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Certified Project Management Practitioner

This certification covers intermediate business skills. Subjects covered include effective preparation, planning, implementation, control and deployment or integration. 5 years of business experience or a Bachelor’s degree are required to attend the classes.
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Project Management
Project Management in IT Security

Project Management in IT Security

This training builds upon the Project Management training. Once you have completed the project management training, you will be eligible to take the Project Management in IT Security certification. This training explains how to manage IT security projects, while exploring security plans and strategies of companies.
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Certified Internet Marketing Practitioner

This course trains students on the various ways to market products through the use of an online medium, weather it’s social media, website advertisements, press releases, search engine optimization, mobile marketing, e-mail marketing plus many more. Through our training we will introduce you to buyer behavior, and different ways to make your product go viral online.

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