Hackers from Singapore Dominate EC-Council’s Global Ethical Hacker Leaderboard in December 2021

EC-Council’s Global Ethical Hacking Leaderboard brought together diverse Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) professionals from across the globe. The top 10 spots are held by Italy, Singapore, Mexico, Brazil, Greece, Serbia and Montenegro, South Africa, India, and Ecuador.

[Tampa, FL, January 19, 2022], EC-Council’s Global Ethical Hacking Leaderboard saw participation from diverse cybersecurity professionals across the globe. The C|EH Leaderboard is a platform that celebrates the accomplishments of the top C|EHs worldwide. Those who pass the C|EH Practical exam and the rigorous multiple-choice questions earn the C|EH Master credential. Professionals or individuals who already hold the C|EH certification can demonstrate their practical skills by competing for the top spot on the C|EH Leaderboard in a challenging 6-hour proctored exam.

To be eligible for the Leaderboard, practitioners must take the knowledge-based C|EH multiple-choice questions and the C|EH Practical exam, which earns them recognition in the cybersecurity community. The C|EH Challenge is a 6-hour hacking challenge based on real-world threats in which participants compete against their peers for the top 10 rankings and obtain the C|EH Master credential.

The Leaderboard standings for December 2021 show a diverse presence of ethical hackers from Singapore, Italy, India, and Europe, among other locations. Italy’s Nicolas Fasolo, who currently serves as a Cybersecurity Specialist and SOC Manager, took the top position on the Leaderboard with a score of 83%.

Sng Yu Feng Chester of Singapore, who currently works as a Systems Engineer, secured the second spot on the Leaderboard at 82%. He says, “The practical course is well designed and suited for those who are new to ethical hacking. It allows students to focus on ethical hacking methodologies and tools without going through the hassle of setting up multiple machines. The lab materials were high quality, giving step-by-step instructions that students could follow closely. Lab instructions are clear and detailed, with screenshots to follow.”

Ethical hacking is becoming an increasingly popular cybersecurity profession today in the wake of escalating cyberattacks. Individuals who are driven to crack down on cybercrime can make ethical hacking their career, regardless of their educational and professional backgrounds. EC-Council’s C|EH program is a credible, industry-recognized certification that sets the global standard for ethical hacking. The C|EH certification teaches individuals the skills they need to face real-world threat scenarios and combat cybercrime.

The C|EH program trains candidates to be eligible for various industry-specific job roles as security auditors, hacking tool analysts, and vulnerability testers, among many others. The program offers practical experience handling real-world security threats, attack vectors, risks, and countermeasures.

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