Hands-on Android Security

Hands-on Android Security

Be an efficient Android Penetration Tester and

secure real-world threat scenarios


Hands-on Android Security

With 80% market share Android is one of the most used platforms. As we move forward in the digital age smartphones are becoming a primary target for cybercrime. Mobile cyber-attacks are increasing by 40% every month and they are rarely managed/monitored 


This Course Will Help You To

Easy to follow explanation whether you are discovering Android Platform or you want to expand your knowledge.
Hands-on demonstration and sample exercises to equip with latest tools and techniques.
Learn everything about Android including Architecture, Apps, Malware and Storage

Who is it for?

Anyone having basic programming Knowledge. IT professionals, Coders, Security Analysts, Entrepreneur, Application Developers, Software Engineers


Each chapter of the course will start with an overview and some references which you can use to explore further on some subjects. It will then be followed by hands on demonstration which you can replicate within a lab environment.

About the Course

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3 hours

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Hands-on Android Security

Empowering the world with a million applications and users, android is one of the most preferred mobile operating system. Rise in number of users and devices opens the opportunity of threat leading to security breaches.

This course focusses on the practical aspect of penetration testing. The course starts with the core concepts of Android operating system, hardware security components and native applications. Further you’ll learn to analyse existing android applications, understand vulnerabilities, test your work to fully secure your android environment.

From learning how these attacks are executed, carefully monitored to successfully tackle them, this course can be your immediate guide to learn android penetration testing.


Welcome To The World Of Android

Watch Your First Video

Set up your Hacking Lab and Learn to secure your Android devices


Course Outline

SECTION ONE – Welcome to the world of Android (40 Minutes)

  • Legal Considerations Reminder of Ethical Hacking, Legal considerations and Cyber Laws
  • Platform Architecture and Components
  • Storage structure
  • Android Apps building blocks

SECTION THREE – Attacking Android Platform (60 Minutes)

  • Working with Emulator
  • Setting up the Android Device
  • Configuring the Network – Tunnel VNC over SSH

SECTION THREE – Attacking Android Platform (60 Minutes)

  • Attack Surface
  • Penetration testing Android Applications
  • Installing and Using Android Penetration testing framework
  • Create Malicious apk files for penetration testing

SECTION FOUR – The Android Malware Battle (30 Minutes)

  • Reversing and Creating Android Malware
  • Using Static Analysis for reversing Android Malware
  • Using Dynamic Analysis for reversing Android Malware
  • Creating and Android Malware for scratch

Mathieu Durand

Know Your Author

Mathieu is a Cyber Security Enthusiast with 20 years’ experience in IT and spent the last 10 years in Cyber Security. He passed many certifications including 7 focused on Information Security. He worked for different industries such Telecommunications Operator, Airlines, Health Care, Automotive and Cyber Security MSSPs.

He held position such as Security Architect, Analyst and Penetration Tester.

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Customers Who Loved Our Courses

Hands-On Android Security

Rohan Bhatt

With the tools demonstrated, it shows Android Security is nearly as big as computer security and its a serious business.

Kamsala BhanusaiacharI



I enjoyed the clarity with which the concepts are explained, the variety of tools and techniques (such as MobSF or Security Sheperd) and getting to know examples of vulnerable applications.

Penguin Soho

Extremely useful for testing and improving security for an important business tool