Python for Absolute Beginners

Python for
Absolute Beginners

Code with one of the most beginner friendly
programming languages


Python for Absolute Beginners

New to Programming? Want to code? Learn the most developer-friendly language in few days. Python can be the steppingstone to advancing your career in programming. It is very easy to develop prototypes in Python. 



This Course Will Help You To

Learn basic programming concepts 
Learn to write user friendly data structures
Learn to build scalable applications, write re-usable codes and automate tasks 

Who is it for?

Students and professionals with little to no experience with programming looking to get started with Python.


This course is designed for complete beginners with little to no understanding of programming and will give you the knowledge to get started coding using Python.

About the Course

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2.16 hours

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Python for Absolute Beginners

Python has become the need of the IT industry as well as other organization who want to automate their business functions. This course is an easy approach to get up to speed with Python. It is for absolute beginners with no prior programming knowledge. In this course, we look at the building blocks such as variables, functions, loops, conditions, and so on to get you familiarized with the basics of programming. 

By the end of this trajectory you will be proficient with installing python, understanding basic python programming fundamentals and writing an efficient re-usable code. It also provides a hands-on experience in implementing these concepts into a final project. 


Introduction to Python and Setup

Watch Your First Video

Course Outline

Section 1: Introduction to Python and Setup

  • Video 1.1: Mac and Linux Installation 
  • Video 1.2: Windows 10 Setup 
  • Video 1.3: Interpreted vs. Complied Programming Languages 
  • Video 1.4: Creating and Running Our First Python Script 
  • Video 1.5: Setting up Our PyCharm IDE 

Section 2: Programming Basics

  • Video 2.1: Numbers in Python 
  • Video 2.2: Strings in Python 
  • Video 2.3: String Manipulation 
  • Video 2.4: Boolean Operators 
  • Video 2.5: Lists in Python 
  • Video 2.6: Dictionaries in Python 
  • Video 2.7: Variables in Python 

Section 3: Intermediate Programming Concepts

  • Video 3.1: Python Built-in Functions 
  • Video 3.2: Defining Functions in Python 
  • Video 3.3: Adding Arguments to a Function 
  • Video 3.4: Default Arguments 
  • Video 3.5: Keyword Arguments 
  • Video 3.6: Infinite Arguments 
  • Video 3.7: Return Values 
  • Video 3.8: If-else Statements 
  • Video 3.9: For and while loops 
  • Video 3.10: Importing Modules in a Python Script 
  • Video 3.11: Final Project – Building a Calculator 

Joseph Delgadillo

Know Your Author

Joseph Delgadillo is the founder of JTDigital Courses, an education technology company. He has been active in the online learning community since 2015 and has worked with multiple startups. As of 2020, over 600,000 students across the globe have enrolled in his courses covering ethical hacking, Python programming, web development and more.  

He graduated with honours from Central Washington University. 

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Python for Absolute Beginners


Quick and easy to understand


instructor kept it simplified for a beginner in programming python


I like how everything was explained as they were demonstrated. 


The course was well constructed and articulated.